Making private healthcare relevant for you and your clients - Part 2 

- Tuesday 12 April -

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Last year AXA PPP hosted an Adviser Clinic with COVER Magazine called ‘Making private healthcare relevant for you and your clients'.

This next Adviser Clinic follows up on some of the themes from that event but will also be accessible for delegates who did not attend the previous clinic.

This time around, AXA PPP will explore what's happening in the private healthcare market, cutting edge technological developments and what opportunity this could present advisers.

The event will also provide insight as to the health and wellbeing concerns for people and businesses today, and how does private healthcare meet those needs?

We'll tackle some of the perceived challenges of integrating private healthcare into your portfolio. As well as give practical measures you can take to grow and protect your healthcare book.

About the event:

The Adviser Clinic is designed combine a thought provoking insight into the subject of health technology, and how normalising health tech might empower people to develop knowledge and confidence in managing their own health.

There will also be discussions around how advisers can benefit by integrating healthcare into their portfolio, or demonstrating more value to the clients they have already.

Attendance at this briefing would provide an opportunity to hear first-hand from Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health, an independent, social enterprise think tank, and view research undertaken by AXA PPP healthcare about some of the health and wellbeing issues facing individuals and business.

Hosted by Gavin Shay, Head of Partnership Development at AXA PPP Healthcare, the event will also provide a networking opportunity for delegates and speakers alike. 

Top reasons to attend:

  • Discover ways you can integrate healthcare into your business and strengthen your client relationships
  • Understand the positive messages you can use in selling healthcare to businesses and individuals 
  • Access healthcare research on health and wellbeing issues and learn from their insight 
  • Learn how healthcare can support the development of your business


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