Cover's Protection and Tech Forum

How insurance technology is evolving

Technology in the protection market takes many forms -whether that's quotation portals used by advisers, innovations in underwriting capability, new insurers wanting to use cloud-based technology or apps where consumers can stay informed about their insurance needs.

Overall, the protection industry has some way to go due to the challenge of legacy systems maintaining processes that have been in place for decades, meaning it continues to lag behind its peers in other industries.
COVER is launching a seminar to discuss technology in the protection market; where the market is currently at and where it is likely to develop in the future.

The event is aimed at advisers and insurance professionals and grants CPD points to delegates.

It will feature a number of presentations and host a panel discussion which will cover the following topics:

• trends in the industry and other industries the protection industry could learn from

• how advisers and insurers can engage with these emerging trends and use current technology for better business

• how evolving protection technology will develop products, improve processes and enhance customer outcomes