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Chair’s welcome and opening remarks

Fiona Murphy, Editor, COVER


KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Investing in the mental wealth of business

What role should business play in promoting the mental health of the nation? Mental illness in the workplace is estimated to cost business £28 billion a year in lost productivity, sickness absence and presenteeism. Former Minster of Mental Health, the Rt Hon Paul Burstow, will discuss some of the emerging findings from his work for the University of Birmingham examining the opportunities to prevent and reduce the severity of mental health problems.

Rt Hon Paul Burstow, Professor of Mental Health Policy, University of Birmingham


Building resilient households – a call to action

Scottish Widows research shows that 50% of UK mortgage holders and 57% of UK families do not have any life cover in place. In these uncertain times, and against the backdrop of working-age welfare reform and pull-back, the protection industry has a duty of care to aid such consumers in reviewing their personal and family financial resilience and protection needs. The timing of the Cover Summit marks an opportunity for us to look at these needs, falling as it does six months after the change to bereavement benefit, and six months before Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) switches from a benefit to a loan. Johnny Timpson, Scottish Widows Financial Protection Market & Industry Affairs Manager, will host an interactive session looking at:

  • The current legislative landscape and other challenges that makes the need for mortgage and family protection more pressing than ever
  • The opportunities this presents advisers, giving some practical help that can be put into practice straight after the conference. This will include pen pictures of customers to talk to, suggested content to utilise, and some ideas for how to broach the protection conversation and build engagement.

Johnny Timpson, Financial Protection Technical & Industry Affairs Manager, Scottish Widows


The future of underwriting

Richer and more comprehensive sources of data are now available. So, just as healthcare analytics are personalising medical solutions, we're able to better predict underwriting outcomes based on new data sources. Underwriting in the protection industry is on the cusp of moving away from a model that has not changed in two hundred years.
The underlying technology in underwriting has reached a state of maturity that allows relatively easy adoption. Our expectation is that most providers in our industry will be making significant investments in this area over the next few years.

Toby Bainbridge, Reinsurance Manager, Royal London


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Technology - the good, the bad and the ugly

Within the protection industry, we've generally been slow to embrace technological advancements, and customer expectations are much greater than we've been able to provide. This presents great opportunities and worrying challenges that we need to be aware of - if we don't address them someone else will. This session will shine a light on how technology is truly helping us as an industry, but also draw attention to how becoming overly reliant on new technology could take us away from the very thing we're all trying to achieve - protection for all.

Stephen Crosbie, Protection Director, Aegon


British Heart Foundation (Charity Partner)

We are proud to partner with The British Heart Foundation for this year’s summit. The BHF are passionate campaigners in the fight against cardiovascular disease, and aim to fund £100m of life-saving research each year to prevent people dying prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease. They have successfully launched a translational research programme that bridges the gap between lab-based science and new treatments for patients.

Dr Sonya Babu-Narayan, Cardiologist

Sam Magee, Heart patient




Panel: Protection Trends

A panel of protection experts will discuss developments in the protection market such as how to build on improved sales in recent years, technological developments, adviser/distribution behaviour and improving communications with consumers.

Phil Jeynes, Head of Sales and Marketing, UnderwriteMe
Tom Conner, Director, Drewberry Insurance
Stephen Crosbie, Protection Director, Aegon
David Smith, Distribution Sales, iPipeline


Networking lunch

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Workplace wellbeing / rehabilitation

What is Workplace Wellbeing and what does it mean for businesses and individuals in the present and future? Unum will look at the importance of implementing an effective wellbeing strategy that links with business objectives and using a case study, provide insight into what that could look like.

Inevitably employees will experience ill health and absence, so Unum will also explore what is needed at this stage and what resources are available to HR professionals and Line Managers to manage absence effectively and retain talent.

Saumya Barber, Rehabilitation and Health Services Manager, Unum

Jenna Mullett, Vocational Rehabilitation Case Manager, Unum

Chairperson: Ron Wheatcroft, Technical Manager, Swiss Re


Managed and condition-specific protection

At Royal London we develop products and services that meet the needs of today's consumers. That includes highlighting opportunities where we consider consumers have unmet needs, widening inclusion and expanding our Industry's market. We are developing managed and condition specific propositions, the first is a pilot life cover product for people with diabetes. Let's talk about this and other innovative opportunities for advisers to meet more of their client needs. Swiss Re predict the size of the growing protection gap each year, only innovation will see this trend reversing, with more consumers able to access cover and insure their financial resilience.

Jennifer Gilchrist, Proposition Lead, Intermediary Protection, Royal London

It’s time to sell smarter

Phil Jeynes, head of sales and marketing at UnderwriteMe will give a live demo of their new system, showing brokers how they can sell more protection using a simple, digital process.

Phil Jeynes, Head of Sales and Marketing, UnderwriteMe

PANEL: Female Focus – how can our market better engage with women

Research has shown that women are significantly under-protected, despite having a real need for protection insurance. Do we as an industry either directly or indirectly focus more on the needs of male consumers through language, marketing and stereotyping? This panel discussion explores the challenges and how we can better meet the needs of female consumers.

Emma Thomson, Life Office Relationship Director, Lifesearch

Rose St Louis, Head of Partnership Development, Zurich UK Life

David Mead, CEO, Future Proof

Catherine Trimble, National Account Manager, Aegon

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Engaging with clients and prospects in 2017: how does social media fit in?

In this session social media expert and qualified IFA Bridget Greenwood will discuss the importance of social media for all IFA’s, however large or small, and give practical hints and tips for implementing and managing a social media campaign to drive engagement and grow business.

Bridget Greenwood, Financial Social Media UK 

Chairperson: Fiona Murphy, Editor, Cover Magazine


Critical Illness - keeping it on the menu

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first ever heart transplant, which Dr Marius Barnard, the inventor of critical illness insurance, assisted his brother on. The anniversary marks an ideal time to look at critical illness cover, how we can keep it relevant for today's market and, most importantly, how we support advisers to ensure that clients who would benefit from having this cover, do so.

Steve Evans, Protection Distribution Manager, Scottish Widows


Employee Benefits for the SME market

There are nearly 1 million businesses in the UK with between 2 and 49 employees. With small businesses making up such a significant portion of the UK market, it makes sense to strengthen your proposition to that sector. Pure Benefits takes the stress, hassle and cost out of providing employee benefits to small businesses. You can provide solutions to your clients' challenges by giving them access to a range of employee benefits that enable them to attract and retain people, and protect and grow their business. Find out more at the breakout session hosted by Pure Benefits and Unum.

Stuart Gray, CEO of Pure Benefits, Unum
Mark Anders, Strategic Partnership Manager, Unum


The value of claims

As an industry we need to do more to highlight the value of protection to customers. And it's the claims we pay that they value the most. That's why we need to dispel the myth that insurers don't pay out, and promote positive customer experiences to demonstrate the true value of this important cover. Join Aegon's Head of Underwriting & Claims Strategy, Simon Jacobs, as he reveals what we can do to help change customer perceptions and deliver real value to customers. He'll be joined by cancer survivor and Aegon customer, Patrick McIntosh, who'll share his story and explain just how valuable the claims pay out was to him, his family and his business - and how it made a real difference to his life.
Simon Jacobs, Head of Underwriting & Claims Strategy, Aegon
Patrick McIntosh, Director, KMG Charltered Financial Planners (Business Protection Claimant)

Networking break

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Income Protection – from Industry Pet to Iconic Product

The two Andrews will give a frank assessment of what must be done to make Income Protection a viable mass market product. Acknowledging the successes of recent initiatives, they will look ahead to discuss the detail of what else needs to happen for us to proudly and rationally recommend this product to potential customers and policy-makers alike. They will focus on the actions needed to offer more people cover to match the words that proclaim this as the foundation of all protection.

Andrew Wibberley, director Alea Risk

Andrew Wilkinson, director, Moneysworth Life Insurance



Naudene Barnard, daughter of Marius Bernard, the heart surgeon and inventor of critical illness cover, will reveal personal insights into the life, work and legacy of the man who single-handedly revolutionised the life insurance industry.  The address will include previously unseen clips from a forthcoming documentary on Marius Bernard’s life.

Naudene Barnard, Filmmaker


Chair’s closing summary and close of conference

Fiona Murphy, Editor, COVER


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