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Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

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Critical Illness cover - why it's still critical

Personal and group sales of Critical Illness cover have rocketed in recent years. But the healthcare landscape is a world away from when critical illness was developed 35 years ago, and providers need to evolve their offering and innovate this cover to add more relevant value to the lives relying on it. So what's next for Critical Illness?

Toby Bainbridge, Head of Protection Solutions, Royal London Protection
Business protection - are you prepared for the opportunities? 

Have you considered the growth opportunities in the business protection market? Have you got a strategy to expand your protection business by working with solicitors and accountants? Find out how you can identify opportunities to create a well-developed professional connections network - to maximise the potential of your business and get great outcomes for your clients.

Mark Toms, Protection Development Manager, Aegon
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Access all areas

Obtaining appropriate insurance cover at an affordable price can be tricky for anyone with a disability, a health condition such as cancer, MS or HIV, or mental illness. Yet these are the very groups of people most in need of policies to protect their income and lives against worst case scenarios. How is the protection industry responding to the challenges thrown up by this quandary, and what can be done to move current underwriting practices forwards to make appropriate cover more affordable.

Scott Cadger, Head of Underwriting and Claims Strategy, Scottish Widows
Charity Partner Session: Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan is calling for legislative change to ensure banks and other financial institutions adopt a duty of care to people hit by the double whammy of a cancer diagnosis and the all too frequent subsequent financial meltdown. In this session we'll hear patients' stories about the impact of the diagnosis on their finances, and what needs to happen to change the status quo.

Dr Moira Fraser, Director of Policy, Campaigns and Influence, Macmillan Cancer Support


12:00 - 12:30
Taking a long term view of protection

Access to insurance is a hot topic, with a focus on those who want to buy with an existing medical condition. But what about those who have bought and then find that circumstances change? Is the industry doing enough to provide flexibility after a claim? Do continuation and separation options go far enough in helping customers to stay covered when their life changes, particularly when older and less healthy? We review what's good and bad in current approaches to help advisers protect clients over a lifetime.

Katyna Maclean, Proposition Director, Guardian Financial Services
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Evolution of the future workforce

As we speed towards the end of one decade and look to the next, UK business leaders must be ready to respond to the changing needs and expectations of the workforce. Understanding what trends are driving these changes and the effect they will have on both employees and employers in the future should be a strategic focus, and a priority for all businesses - large and small. Future workers will demand a greater balance between their daily working roles, family commitments and personal passions. Within this session, Unum share their latest research and discuss the types of worker - the hives - that will develop, what motivates them, what will enhance their loyalty and the factors that may drive them to leave. Employers who fail to keep up with how their workforces' skills and needs are evolving will suffer. Those who are prepared to implement the necessary changes will be rewarded with greater worker loyalty and productivity, and be seen as the employer of choice for the future workforce.

Liz Walker, HR Director, Unum

Stream 1

A Brave New World

Until recently you could be forgiven for thinking the digital revolution had bypassed the protection industry. But that’s now changing; in this session we’ll examine the latest developments revolutionising the protection market, from online quote and apply services, underwriting engines, back office systems and visual tools to explain and engage a new generation of customers, and ask if faster quotes mean less cover?

Gary Golder, Head of Proposition and Change, Royal London Protection
Helping to navigate the underwriting journey for today's customer
Phil Jeynes, Head of Sales and Marketing, UnderwriteMe
PANEL: Professionalism: the key to improved access and financial resilience?

The insurance industry is undergoing a period of seismic change with the advent of the Insurance Distribution Directive, the FCA's drive to significantly improving consumer access to insurance plus Universal Credit working age welfare reform. In this session our expert panel will consider if this presents an opportunity to rethink protection distribution, and how the individual and group protection firms should respond.

Paul Avis, Marketing Director (Group Insurance), Canada Life
Tom Baigrie, CEO, Lifesearch
Alan Knowles, Managing Director, Cura
Johnny Timpson - DWP Disability Champion and Building Resilient Households Group, Scottish Widows
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The importance of wellness at work

Stress and mental health problems are growing concern in the workplace. In 2016/17 stress, anxiety and depression accounted for 49% of all working days lost, so it's important to know when and how to best support your employees and your business. From getting support to build a mentally healthy and resilient workplace to accessing more specific intervention if an employee needs help, mental health pathways make accessing the right resources quick and easy for both employers and employees. Unum will be discussing the role that pathways play in ensuring that individuals get the right mental health support as early as possible, and the further benefits that pathways can have on overall workplace wellbeing.

Ambika Fraser, Head of Proposition, Unum

Stream 2

Session details to be announced
The Exeter
Time For Change?

The financial shock of a serious diagnosis can swiftly turn critical if patients don't get the financial support they need. What can advisers expect from the FCA's forthcoming discussion paper on the duty of care? What legislative changes are on the cards? And what, practically, might all this mean for affected clients - and sufferers of other serious illnesses and conditions?

PANEL: Underwriting for mental health issues:

Mental health issues are on the rise, but despite encouraging shifts in public attitudes, it remains one of the trickiest areas for underwriters. The individual nature of cases and difficulty in measuring risk means some people are sidelined when it comes to insurance. What are the underwriting issues? Do the current evaluation processes result in fair terms for all customers? And what can insurers and underwriters do to improve cover for those affected.

Simon Jacobs, Head of Underwriting and Claims Strategy, Aegon
Kathryn Knowles, Managing Director, Cura Financial Services
Andrew Wibberley, Director, ALEA Risk
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Innovations in health insurance

The accumulation of medical data is empowering health insurance providers to move from a dated concept of reactive care to preventive medicine. The future points to simple, fast and highly personalised insurance plans based on healthcare data, but also - crucially - data from health sensors, wearables, and trackers, with insurers increasingly rewarding personal changes to behaviour that impact long-term health.

Stream 3

CHAIR: Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director
Chartered Insurance Institute
A Claimant’s Story

Square Health's Steve Casey is living proof that Critical Illness cover can be a vital lifeline. However, as he found out first hand, the experience of making a claim can differ widely from one provider to the next. Hear Steve’s story in his own words – and his insights as to how the claims process stacks up.

Steve Casey, Marketing Director, Square Health

Session to be announced

Guardian Financial Services

PANEL: Protecting Women's Futures

Recent studies have revealed that despite having more freedoms women still significantly lack financial resilience and are often dependent on partners for income and their retirement, putting them at risk of poverty in later life. In this session our expert panel will examine the issues unique to women, and ask what can be done to redress the balance.

Natalie Summerson, Head of Sales, Individual Protection, Canada Life
Emma Thomson, Life Office Relations Director, Lifesearch
Helen White, Director, Insuring Futures Programme, Chartered Insurance Institute
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PANEL: Is protection ripe for disruption? 

There have been a raft of disruptors entering the insurance market in recent years, but how are disruptors impacting the protection insurance? How can technology drive positive industry change and reduce costs? Is technology the route to communicate and engage with the next generation? 

Phil Jeynes, Head of Sales and Marketing, UnderwriteMe
Paul Yates, Product Strategey Director, iPipeline
Adam Higgs, Head of Research, FTRC

The UK has more than 13 million disabled people in the UK, with a combined spending power of almost £250bn. Yet many disabled people struggle to access affordable insurance because of high premiums or because they are denied cover altogether. Many feel they are deemed as high risk by insurers, simply because of their impairment or condition, even though it is unclear whether the data insurers are using is sufficient enough to build up a comprehensive picture of disabled people’s lives, particularly where care, support or other interventions may mitigate potential risks. Multi-medal winning Paralympic athlete and disability campaigner Baroness Tanni Grey-Thomson will discuss the issues from a personal perspective, and ask what can be done to ensure that everyday insurance products and services are available to disabled people.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson
Chair’s closing summary and close of conference

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

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