Cover Protection and Health Summit 2018


Once again offering an opportunity to discuss the hottest topics dominating the life, protection and healthcare space, the summit provided the industry with yet another chance to come together to focus on pushing the industry forward while facing up to the many challenges presented by the market today.


Protection business is showing substantial growth, as major insurers have taken turns in publishing resounding evidence of their impressive paid claim statistics within the 90-99% region. Upgrades to critical illness cover (including children’s) and improvements to income protection, incorporating better value-added services focusing on health & wellness and rehabilitation, have contributed to an ongoing trend for insurers overstepping their roles as merely financial support providers.


Group risk is playing an ever-expanding role in the industry as two million UK businesses continue to wake up to group protection products as employers endeavour to take better care of their employees, especially as pandemic issues around mental health have continued to simmer to the surface. Relevant life, meanwhile, currently represents the fastest growing protection product.


Furthermore, cuts to state benefits, as well as a struggling NHS, have put extra onus on insurers and advisers alike to ensure the financial safety net of individual protection is as accessible as possible for people of all shapes, sizes and financial backgrounds, while on a regulatory level, the onset of IDD is another widely debated area, with CPD requirements set to push IFA standards skywards across the industry.


And, of course, disruption from advancing technological capabilities continues to catalyse the way in which we distribute policies. Therefore it is more vital than ever that those competing in the advice space take heed of digital evolution and do their absolute best to not get left behind.


All these issues were explored through in-depth presentations, discussions and panel debates led by senior expert speakers at this year’s the COVER Protection & Health Summit, in a bid to equip you with right tools needed to take the industry to the next level.




"Well worth attending - improves knowledge of industry future and working practices. Plus peer network opportunities"
– Neil Chesters, CIFCO Ltdn

"Really enjoyed the day, very beneficial and would definetely attend again"
– Kath Eatenton, Lifetime Health Management Ltd

"A great event for those Protection Advisers/ Planners who really want to do a great job for the clients"
– Jiten Varsani, HV Financial Planning Limited

"Informative, great use of personal case studies and stories, outlining the benefit of insurance"
– Tim Haskey, BancTec


Here are some 2018 highlights: