Lord Dennis Stevenson - COVER Mental Health Forum 2019

Lord Dennis Stevenson

Dennis has spent 50% of his life (post Cambridge where he was at King's) as a serial entrepreneur investing in start-ups (well over 50 so far, only one went bust in the dot com boom losing only his money, about 10 have been very successful, the rest middling). He has also chaired large companies (Pearson plc, GPA plc and HBOS plc).

He has spent the other 50% of his life either doing things for Government or in the not for profit area. He was Chairman of the Trustees of the Tate Gallery in the 90s for 10 years during which time Tate Modern was built. Was for 15 years Chairman of Aldeburgh Music Ltd, the major centre of contemporary classical music. He was Tony Blair's Special Adviser on the application of ICT in education and produced a report on the subject which was implemented in its entirety. And was the first Chairman of the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Some 7 years ago he set up MQ: Transforming Mental Health, the world's leading mental health research foundation and Inter Mediate, a body concerned with conflict resolution (a key player in the peace negotiations in Columbia and a number of the other key trouble spots in the world). More recently, and together with Paul Farmer, the CEO of Mind, he produced a report at the behest of the current Prime Minister of the UK "Thriving at Work" on how to improve mental health at work.

He sits on the cross-benches in the House of Lords.