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08:15 - 09:00

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09:00 - 09:05

Chair’s welcome and opening remarks

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

09:05 - 09:30

Opening keynote address: The Future of Health

Dr Phil Hammond, Doctor, Journalist, Broadcaster, Campaigner and Comedian

09:30 - 09:55

Turning barriers into possibilities

Sometimes our industry builds barriers that get in the way for customers, intermediaries and insurers alike. But why? What are these barriers? Why do they exist? How can we remove them to ensure we make things easier for ourselves, but more importantly for our customers who frankly deserve better. It doesn't need to be sexy: let's just start with trying to make protection interesting and relevant. It's time to smash through the barriers, define a new approach and truly start to build meaningful 2-way conversations with our customers that will benefit us all.

Stuart Tragheim, CEO, Holloway Friendly

09:55 - 10:20

Is product innovation enough?

Guardian launched with a bang in August last year. It promised a proposition that challenges typical protection norms to create a best-in-class product that would grow customer confidence. As an industry, we all talk about innovation and flexibility being the key to closing the much-talked-about ‘protection gap'. Guardian delivered on both. But how has the market responded? A year on, Katya shares her views on whether the market is really designed for innovation. She describes what happened when Guardian design principles hit the reality of portal comparisons, adviser compliance requirements and normal human reactions to the ‘new'. Is it really product innovation that's needed, or do we need to look deeper at the way we work as an industry? With a year's worth of trading now under its belt, what has Guardian learned, what challenges has it faced along the way and what's next?

Katya MacLean, Chief Executive Officer (Interim), Guardian Financial Services

10:20 - 10:55

Networking break

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10:55 - 11:20

Look after your clients' overall wellbeing - not just their financial wellbeing

Advisers are no doubt well-versed in explaining the financial value of protection to their clients. But can they sell the benefits of protection policies to their clients' health and overall wellbeing? With most policies now including valuable support services at no additional cost - do advisers and their clients understand the real value these offer?

We know everyday worries about family, employment and making ends meet can make it difficult for people to cope with their day-to-day lives. Add to that the fact one in two people in the UK are expected to develop cancer at some point in their lives, and one in four are experiencing mental health issues each year, and you're just touching the surface of when these support services could add real value to your clients' lives.

This session will explore the wider value that customers can get from their protection policies, how they're providing more tangible benefits and why advisers should be making sure their clients know about them.

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Mark Toms, Protection Development Manager, Aegon

11:20 - 11:45

Charity Partner Session: Rising to the challenge of dementia

Alzheimer's Society has joined forces with the insurance industry to create Insurance United Against Dementia, a campaign which aims to raise £10 million for dementia research, and create a dementia-friendly industry for colleagues and customers alike. 

Jo Coles, who sits on the board of the campaign, will be sharing her own personal experience of dementia, and revealing some of the ways in which we can all better support people affected by dementia in our day to day work.

She is joined by Hilary Doxford, an Alzheimer's Society ambassador who is living with the condition. Hilary will be giving a first hand account of her experiences with insurance, and how dementia has complicated a once-simple part of her life.

Show Description
Jo Coles, GB CRB Sales Leader, Willis Towers Watson
Hilary Doxford, Alzheimer's Society Ambassador, 3 Nations Dementia Working Group

11:45 – 12:10

State of the protection nation

Buying a house and starting a family are recognised as the main triggers for taking out protection by consumers and advisers, but with these traditional triggers for buying protection happening later in life, new triggers such as starting a new job or receiving a pay rise are becoming more important in the eyes of the consumer. This session will look at the different perceptions of advisers and consumers, referencing recent research, and consider the lessons for advisers.

Show Description
Vincent O'Connor, Senior Business Development Manage, Royal London

12:10 - 12:35

Cancer in the workplace

Employees diagnosed with cancer can quickly find that their world has changed beyond recognition. Their attention is understandably focused on the daunting prospect of the potential physical, emotional and financial pressures associated with cancer and it's outcomes. But businesses and senior staff also face difficulties. Unum will be discussing the findings from a recent survey they've commissioned of working men and women who have had treatment for cancer in the last five years. These results shine a light on the true state of play of cancer in the workplace today, and the steps employers can take to ensure those who want to work, can work - now and in the future.

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Claire Hallmey, Wellbeing Manager, Unum

12:35 - 13:30

Networking lunch

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13:30 - 13:55

Critical illness changes

Scott Cadger from Scottish Widows considers how, since Marius Barnard devised the first protection insurance ‘Dread Disease' over 35 years ago and went on to work with us to develop our critical illness insurance, we've seen propositions, products and terms & conditions become longer and more complex.

Is this the direction we should be taking and that customers are asking for? How can we, as an industry, take an alternative view to ensure we meet core customer needs and safeguard Marius vision to create accessible and affordable critical illness cover to support our policyholders when they need it most.

Scott Cadger, Head of Protection Underwriting, Claims and Commercial Strategy, Scottish Widows

Stream 1: Protection

Location: PORTER TUN

Chair: Alan Knowles, Chair, Protection Distributors Group

14:00 - 14:35

Panel discussion: Protecting the rental market

According to a 2017/18 Government report, since 1997 mortgaged households have reduced from 42% to 30% meaning ‘generation rent' has become a huge part of the UK housing market. With 4.5 million households in the private rental sector of which over a third have dependants, this ‘new generation rent' need a better understanding of the importance of cover in helping to provide financial security. Recent innovations in the rental market are providing protection to renters, however existing products need to be looked at and tailored to this market. How will the protection industry respond to these changes and how can advisers stress the importance of financial security to ‘new generation rent'?

Show Description
Craig Brown, Director, Legal & General Intermediary
Chloe Gilbert, Clients Project Manager, Swiss Re
Roshani Hewa, Assistant Director, Head of Protection & Health, Association of British Insurers
Alisa Wallington, Senior Product Manager, iPipeline

Chair: Alan Knowles, Chair, Protection Distributors Group
14:40 - 15:05

Evolution in the underwriting of mental health conditions: Our journey to making protection accessible for all

Making protection more accessible to all customers is important to Royal London. That's why we've been carrying out research and running pilot groups in order to innovate our protection offering.
Join us at this session to hear about some of the things we've learned about customers with mental health conditions and how we're trying to make sure more of them are protected.

Show Description
Craig Paterson, Underwriting and Claims Philosophy Manager, Royal London
Christina Rigby, Product Owner, Royal London
15:05 - 15:30

Networking break

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15:30 - 15:55

Changing the protection conversation

Protection is typically sold as an ‘add-on' to mortgages, but with the protection gap currently standing at over £2trn, advisers must ensure their clients fully understand the need for adequate Lifestyle Protection Planning. In this session Mortgage and Protection Adviser Jiten Varsani will consider that language and questions advisers can use to help clients understand and access the products that best fit their needs, and the role of value-added services in the conversation.

Show Description
Jiten Varsani, Mortgage & Protection Adviser, London Money
16:00 – 16.25

Technology is helping collaboration within the protection market

Innovation is hugely important and is providing more opportunities for collaboration. Find out how PLRe and UnderwriteMe's experiences across the global protection market are helping the UK industry work closer together and how advisers take advantage of this to improve the overall customer experience.

James Tait, Head of Protection, Pacific Life Re

Stream 2: Health


Chair: Claire Ginnelly, Managing Director, Premier Choice Group

14:00 - 14:35

Panel discussion: The changing face of health insurance

Health insurance is constantly evolving. Innovation in this space is making new insurance options available to employers. New technology and services such as virtual GPs are allowing for earlier diagnostics and the distribution of preventative tools through policies that are both affordable and accessible even for smaller employers and individuals. We explore how the health insurance market is adapting to the changing needs of society as the NHS struggles to cater for demand.

Show Description
Cheryl Brennan, Director of Corporate Consulting, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing
Paul Nattrass, Commercial Director, Medical Solutions

Matthew Reed, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Equipsme
Chair: Claire Ginnelly, Managing Director, Premier Choice Group
14:40 - 15:05

What's next for critical illness?

The industry has moved on massively over the last 20 years. Nowadays, more than 92% of critical illness claims are being paid*. On top of that, people are being diagnosed much earlier, surviving critical illnesses for longer than ever and recovering quicker too. Many are back at work in a few months without any impact on their finances.

So, where does that leave the future of critical illness cover? Drawing on her 45 years' industry experience, Julie will reflect on what's changed over the years, what's worked well, what hasn't and what she thinks is in store next for critical illness cover.

*Source: Association of British Insurers (ABI), 1 May 2019

Julie Hopkins, Director, Underwriting & Claims Strategy, Guardian Financial Services
15:05 - 15:30

Networking break

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15:30 - 15:55

Why value-added services should be primary focus of protection

Christine Husbands of RedArc argues that changing the primary focus of a group insurance scheme to be about protecting good health and wellbeing, with financial protection being secondary, would be a more engaging proposition for customers. Providing these additional value-added services from the beginning will reduce the need for most future claims. In this session Christine will lay out her argument and our stream chair Claire Ginnelly will host an interactive Q&A with the audience.

Show Description
Christine Husbands, Managing Director, RedArc
16:00 – 16.25

Easing the weight of worry

How can protection develop to embrace greater emotional connection and support stronger mental resilience - at claim and from day 1.
And, illustrated through three inter-connected personal stories, Justin challenges the ‘every picture tells a story' idiom.

Justin Harper, Head of Protection Marketing & External Affairs, LV=

Stream 3: Work


Chair: Johnny Timpson, Financial Protection Technical & Industry Affairs Manager, Scottish Widows

14:00 - 14:35

Panel discussion: Moral Maze: the employer’s duty of care

Employers have a responsibility to protect employees’ physical and mental wellbeing, but how is this working in practice? How do current practices help (or not) more vulnerable employees? Employee wellbeing can build trust, boost productivity and improve employee engagement, but do businesses grasp the compelling business case for action? What are the moral arguments for employers to care appropriately for the workers? And with an increasingly challenged NHS where should the balance lie between government, employers and the insurance industry?

Show Description
Shayne Halfpenny-Ray, Policy & Public Affairs Adviser, Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
Jessica Leigh, Policy & Campaigns Manager, Scope
Katharine Moxham, Spokesperson, Group Risk Development (GRiD)
Ed Watling, Health & Wellbeing Consultant, Mattioli Woods
Chair: Johnny Timpson, Financial Protection Technical & Industry Affairs Manager, Scottish Widows
14:40 - 15:05

Business protection - opportunity knocks

How many advisers have a strategy to expand their protection business?

We can help them look at their existing client banks in a different way. By working together with other professionals, they can both grow their businesses.

Come along to explore how advisers and other professionals can work together to maximise the potential of their existing client banks to develop new income streams.

Show Description
Karen Leys, Protection Development Manager, Aegon
15:05 - 15:30

Networking break

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15:30 - 15:55

The importance of workplace wellbeing to employees

With employers saying that their health and wellbeing activity has led to better employee morale and engagement (44%) and lower sickness absence (31%), it may be time for the 60% of companies without a standalone wellbeing strategy to develop one. Wellbeing is a broad topic, so it's easy to see why some companies are overwhelmed at the thought of introducing or reviewing a workplace wellbeing strategy. Within this session, Unum will be discussing the importance of providing a resolute wellbeing strategy in the workplace for both the employer and employee.

Show Description
Beth Husted, Rehabilitation Proposition Manager, Unum
16:00 – 16.25

Access to Insurance

Access to appropriate travel and protection insurance for people with pre-existing health conditions and disabilities is an issue that is increasingly making consumer media headlines for all the wrong reasons. As Disability Champion for the Insurance Industry and Profession as well as Chair of the Access To Insurance Working Group Johnny Timpson and Mike Adams OBE, CEO of " We Are Purple" will update on activity ongoing to improve access to insurance plus why we should all get behind, support and advocate the DWP back #PurpleTuesday access awareness day on November 12th.

Purple Tuesday 2019 is an international call to action, focused on changing the customer experience for disabled people and those living with health conditions. It will involve organisations across the UK of all sizes and from all sectors taking decisive, practical actions to meet the access needs of customers with disabilities plus those living with and beyond life changing and/or limiting medical diagnosis.

Purple Tuesday is about creating a step change improvement in the awareness of the access needs of customers.

Participating firms and organisations will make public commitments (a minimum of one new activity or initiative) to ensure sustainable changes are made.

Johnny Timpson, Financial Protection Technical & Industry Affairs Manager, Scottish Widows
Mike Adams, CEO, Purple

Stream 4: Wellbeing and Prevention


Chair: Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

14:00 - 14:35

Panel discussion: Brave new world: The future of underwriting

Digital records and health data collected on apps, wearable tech and voluntarily offered to health service providers offer a wealth of underwriting data to insurers. The industry is working hard to carry out research and to develop innovative tools to facilitate the underwriting journey. We explore the rise of artificial intelligence, the digitalisation of medical records and increasing access to insurance.

Show Description
Richard Walsh, Fellow, SAMI Consulting
Andrew Wibberley, Director, Alea Risk
Pippa Keefe, Head of Sales and Marketing, UnderwriteMe
Chair: Adam Saville, Editor, COVER
14:40 - 15:05

Developing propositions not products: Product vs Proposition - What's the difference?

Rather than creating bells and whistles which cause confusion and makes protection harder for providers and advisers to sell, it's imperative we look at what the customer truly needs. How can propositions be created which don't just tick boxes or add features which no one uses. Use insight and needs to put your member/client at the heart of your business for real- not just on paper!

Show Description
Andy Rowson, Sales & Marketing Director, Holloway Friendly
15:05 - 15:30

Networking break

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15:30 - 15:55

Case study: Why we cannot afford to get mental health claims wrong

Within the past year Debi O'Donovan had to take five months away from work after her partner unexpectedly passed away leaving her with post-traumatic symptoms. While she was able to benefit from a pay-out and rehabilitation support from a business protection policy, Debi's claim experience fell short in several key areas. Drawing upon her experience as workplace wellbeing expert and speaking from a personal perspective, she will explore what we can learn from her encounter with an insurer, how an adviser can help, and why getting the claims process for mental health is so crucial.

Show Description
Debi O'Donovan, Director, Reward & Employee Benefits Association
16:00 – 16.25

How stress makes us mentally unwell - and the neuroscience behind it

Poor mental health - often invisible and rarely understood - is one of the leading causes of workplace absence. With 71 million antidepressants prescribed last year and eight million reported cases of anxiety, mental ill-health is costing UK businesses £40bn per year. During this session, you'll learn how stress makes us mentally unwell, what we can all do to balance our autonomic nervous systems and how the insurance industry can harness advances in digital technology to help keep individuals and employees happy and healthy.

Matt Janes, Neuroscience, Functional Medicine & Mental Health Practitioner

16:30 - 16:55

When the sh*t hits the fan - lessons from Down Under: Are we really listening?

Mental health is firmly on our agenda, yet is there a risk it becomes merely a well-intentioned industry-only talking platform? Are we serious about using contemporary evidence and data to improve our claims, underwriting, design and communication practices? Are we open to working with those outside the industry such as charities, specialist services providers... and consumers?

We might say we are listening. But what happens when time runs out, and customers and the regulator step in and have their say?

In February 2019 the Australian Government released its report on the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry; or as it has become known ‘Banking Bad'. Over the preceding months, banking and insurance leaders were called to account in the most public of forums - the Royal Commission. Debbie had a ring-side seat during this time, and she shares what happens when, every single day, there's yet another damaging headline story about the industry.

The treatment of mental health rose to the fore during the Royal Commission, exposing outdated, narrow-minded and unfair practices. Find out what happened next... and what we can learn and apply.

Debbie Kennedy, Protection Managing Director, LV=

16:55 - 17:20

Closing keynote

Simon Thomas, Broadcaster, Presenter and Campaigner

17:20 - 17:25

Chair’s closing summary and close of conference

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

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