Putting the tech into protection

There can be no doubt that technology is changing the face of our industry.

Machine-learning artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionise underwriting and digital solutions, such as open banking, are ready to disrupt and democratise the way protection products and services are distributed.

Automated analysis of data as well as customised suites and dashboards make the lives of intermediaries easier, as with the increasing sophistication of portals and platform innovation.

What are the technological tools needed by advisers today and how is the online customer journey evolving? What facilities exist to allow intermediaries generate more leads and use data to get to know their clients better?

In the workplace, the interpretation of management information generated by employee assistance programmes (EAPs) is paving the way for greater insights for employers, while services such as app services, chat-bots and wearable gadgets are being harnessed to cultivate healthier, more productive workforces.

Are the robots really taking over? The COVER Technology & Innovation Forum 2019 explored this. #CovertechForum